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Now is the time for Andres de Fonollosa to travel to Berlin to fulfill his dream of finding “love and a million-dollar payday.” The new heist thriller, an original Netflix film, has been in the works since November 2021, just before Money Heist concluded. It is presently slated to launch on the streaming site in December of this year. Berlin is a spin-off prequel to the hugely popular Money Theft that centers on Andres de Fonollosa’s early years before he organized the Bank of Spain heist and then teamed up with The Professor to steal the Spanish Royal Mint. Money Heist’s forerunner is Berlin. Esther Martínez Lobato is working with Alex Pina, co-creator of the new Berlin series and the man behind Money Heist. Albert Pintó, David Barrocal, and Geoffrey Cowper are recognized as the three directors of the series.

Berlin Movie

Pedro Alonso, who played the main character in the original show, returns to the role of the titular protagonist in the prequel series. In this capacity, his job is to put together a fresh team of skilled robbers and crack players to organize and execute off Paris’s most intricate theft. The eight episodes that make up the first season will act as a sort of history about Andres and his adventures during his heyday.

Berlin is about the following, Pina and Alonso said at a global event presented by Netflix:

A trip through the character’s heyday, when he robbed every single thing in Europe and fell madly in love. In its most basic form, it’s a series full of travel, romance, suspense, white-collar crimes, and—most intriguingly—humor.


Alonso’s Berlin has also welcomed some of the most well-known and beloved characters from Money Heist. These are the exact kinds of people that a thinker like him would want on his crew; each and every one of them seems intriguing. So let’s not spend any more time and discover who is returning to the show and who is new to Berlin on Netflix.

Before the events of Money Heist, in Berlin’s heyday, an outstanding gang meets in Paris to plan one of the most spectacular crimes Berlin has ever tried.

Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso

Berlin, also referred to as Andres de Fonollosa, is the character that steals the show. He embodies the man, the legend, and the myth. Berlin is a skilled thief who also doubles as a cunning crack player and larcenist. He is, however, by no means your ordinary robber. He has the perfect blend of slickness and suaveness to fit through any door. He is extremely knowledgeable, sophisticated, and professional. His oddly endearing demeanor makes people easily persuaded around him, making his target easier to control. Not only does he speak several languages well, but he also has a vast amount of information about almost anything and always stays one step ahead of the legal system. Consequently, he can be considered a myth, someone that the authorities are never able to capture (at least not until the Money Heist events). Berlin, despite being a character that has returned from Money Heist, is seen in this series prior to being Sergio/The Professor’s second-in-command during the heists of the Royal Mint of Spain. Through his voyage in Money Heist, the guy demonstrates his ruthlessness in pursuing his goals, no matter the cost.

However, he shows great affection towards his brother Sergio. He is successful in his field, but in his personal life, he has never achieved success. Though he is a poet and a lover, he never seems to be able to hold onto the people he is in love with. He will introduce us to a different side of Berlin and his personality within its borders, before he developed into the Berlin that the whole world got to know.

His writers, Pina and Labato, write of him that “Berlin’s character has the most sparkling personality to place it in another universe.” We kind of liked the idea of bringing in a new gang to Berlin at a time when their emotional states were really different.

Pedro Alonso, who played the titular protagonist in the first Money Heist episode, returns to the role in this edition of the series. Alonso is a Spanish actor, writer, and artist who became well-known for his portrayal in the Netflix original series. He was incredibly well-received worldwide for his Berlin performance. Among other things, he is well known for his roles in the films Bajo Sospecha and Gran Hotel. Due to Money Heist’s success, Alonso was cast in a number of movies and TV shows, such as Awareness, The Silence of the Marsh, and the Diablo Guardián series.

Tristán Ulloa as Damián Berlin views Damián as a close confidant, treating him as though he were his go-to person or right hand man. He works as a professor by day and is the leader of a criminal organization at night. In recently released character reels on Instagram, Andres calls him “a scatterbrain,” a common term for bright people. Though not much about his character has been revealed, we know he is the mastermind behind the enormous theft in Paris that sets off the main plot of the series. While it is true that Damian and Martin (from Money Heist) are about as close as it gets, it is important to remember that their relationships are not exactly the same.

The Spanish actress who plays Damian is Tristan Ulloa, a writer, director, and actor. His breakthrough performance was in the 1998 Spanish film Mensaka. He received a Goya Award nomination for this performance. His roles in the Julio Medem-directed films Sex and Lucia, Mataharis, and Pudor earned him a nomination for the Goya Award. In addition, he starred in the Netflix series Warrior Nun and may be seen in the television version of Guy Ritchie’s novel Snatch, Narcos.

Keila, played by Michelle Jenner

Keila is the group’s electrical expert in addition to being an expert in cybersecurity. When the team needs to crack a software or break into a circuit, they search for her. This basically implies that she is in charge of doing both. Even though she is the best at what she does, she is “pathologically shy.” She is an exceptional engineer who graduated with honors and recognition for her engineering degree.

The actor and voice artist Michelle Jenner, who is Spanish, is the one who plays the role. Her most well-known performance was in the television series Los Hombres de Paco, which costarred Money Heist figure Paco Tous. She has acted in movies like Extraterrestre and La Corona Partida in addition to television dramas like The Cook of Castamar and El Continental.

Begoña Vargas as Cameron Berlin has called Cameron “a ticking time bomb that is impossible to defuse” and “pure adrenaline.” Berlin has called Cameron, the group’s femme fatale, “a ticking time bomb.” Cameron’s motivations for taking part in this heist include her desire for a thrill and something deeper psychologically, based on what was said about her in the advertising materials.

Begona Vargas, well-known for her part in High Seas, plays Cameron. Vargas portrayed the title role in a number of popular television shows after making his television debut in the series A Different View (La Otra Mirada), including Boca Norte, High Seas, Welcome to Eden, and Paradise.

Roi, played by Julio Peña

It is described as “a box full of surprises that is difficult to crack” in the official description. Roi is incredibly good at breaking locks and getting himself arrested. Berlin claims that whereas Roi views him as “a father he never had,” Berlin views him more as “the devoted dog he takes for walks every day.” He is seen by Roi as “a father he never had.” Strangely, both of them stand to gain from the circumstance.

Julio Pena, a Spanish actor and musician, portrays Roi. But his most well-known roles are from the Netflix film Through My Window and the Disney original series Bia, where he played Manuel Gutiérrez Quemola. In addition, he plays the lead role in the film Acacias 38.

Bruce Joel Sánchez

We call him the official “fun guy” of the gang. Because he is capable of handling anything from thermal lances to mobile cranes and weapons, he is referred to as “the jack-of-all-trades.” By looking below his tough exterior, it is obvious that he is little more than an ignorant muscle man. We’ll soon find out, though, that Berlin says his appearance is deceptive.

Berlin Movie

Joel Sanchez, an actor and model from Spain, plays the character in his debut role. In the role, Sanchez is making his debut. Two well-known characters from the parent program will also make a cameo in supporting roles. There will be multiple appearances for these characters.

Raquel Murillo, played by Itziar Ituño

Raquel is a National Police Corps inspector now looking into the robbery that involved Berlin and his group. She is a dedicated law enforcement professional who is determined to see them through to justice. She is a perceptive and clever person who avoids using forceful methods to accomplish her objectives. One of the most popular characters in Money Heist, Raquel, has changed from following The Professor and his team feverishly to supporting him after seeing his true intentions and the issues with bureaucracy. This change has taken place gradually. In contrast, the prequel explores her character growth from the period when she was a police officer and her priorities were upholding the law and delivering justice.

Money Heist’s original Raquel Murillo, Itziar Ituno, is reprising her role. She is a Basque actress with experience in theater, television, and movies. She received praise from all around the world for her performances in the 2014 film Loreak and the serial opera Goenkale. Following her success with Money Heist, she starred in the Spanish-French drama film In the Company of Women, which was released in 2023, and the Netflix original series Intimacy.

As Alicia Sierra, Najwa Nimri

Alicia is the most gritted law enforcement officer, if Raquel is a determined law enforcement officer. One of the reasons the crowd loves her so much is because she has a non-binary personality. She has demonstrated her ability to be cunning and violent when necessary to subdue the crooks, as demonstrated in the film Money Heist. She makes an appearance in the parent program, which runs from Part 3 to Part 5, during the Bank of Spain heist. She is in charge of the investigation during this time after Raquel quits the police department to go on missions with the Professor. The prequel, set several years before to the events of Money Heist, has Alicia and Raquel working together. Berlin is hunting for the Time, both of them.

After appearing in Money Heist, Alicia Sierra became the target of Spanish singer Najwa Nimri in Berlin. Throughout her career, Nimri has had significant cameos in movies including Quién te cantará, Sex and Lucia, and Lovers of the Arctic Circle, the latter of which nominated her for a Goya Award. Her debut in a major motion picture was in Salto al vacío. She had major parts in the television series Vis a vis: El Oasis and Sagrada Familia after earning praise for her work in Money Heist. Her next appearance will be in Respira, which is currently in development. She also sang a rendition of the well-known theme tune “Bella Ciao” for the action movie Money Heist’s closing credits.


Fans may be wondering if Sergio Marquina/Salvador Martin, portrayed by Alvaro Morte (The Wheel of Time), and Martin Berrote, played by Rodrigo de la Serna (Yucatan), will be joining the returning ensemble as well. Because Andres and Sergio are brothers and because Martin had a close and loving friendship with Andres, it’s possible that they will show up in the prequel, though this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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